My name is Josiah Mault, I received a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences (with focus in Meteorology) from the University of Washington in June 2006 and am the Assistant State Climatologist for the Office of the Washington State Climatologist.

     I have enjoyed observing and forecasting the weather since I became fascinated by it when watching TV weather forecasts when I was 12. Since then, I had the goal of making a career out of weather and computers (my second fascination) and plan to continue my education with an advanced degree in atmospheric sciences and/or a computer science degree.


Website Purpose

     This website is intended for the use of Sammamish residents, visitors, and curious web surfers. Its purpose is to provide weather data, consisting of current, past, and future weather conditions for the city of Sammamish located in Washington.


City of Sammamish

     The city of Sammamish is located about 21 miles east of Seattle. It consists of an area of about 22 square miles on the East Sammamish Plateau, lying east of Lake Sammamish and southeast of the southeasterly tip of the City of Redmond. The name Sammamish is derived from two Northwest Indian words: samena-hunter and mish-people. For more information on the city of Sammamish please visit the official website at: http://www.ci.sammamish.wa.us 



Population (1990): 21,550
Population (2000): 34,104
Population (2001): 34,560
Population (2002): 34,660
Population (2003): 35,930
Rank Among Largest

Puget Sound Cities*:

Area**: 21sq. miles or 13,783 acres
Paved Roadway**: 160 miles
Local Sales Tax**: 8.8%
Population Under 18*: 33.4%
% of College Graduates*: 61.5%
Median Household*: $101,592
Median Mortgage Payment*: $1,823
Owner Occupied*: 90.1%
Families In Poverty*: 1.6%
Total Households**: 11,682
Last updated: 3/29/04 (except where indicated)
*U.S. Census 2000 Data
**Information from City of Sammamish



              City Limits Map



Weather Data & Weather Station

     The weather data gathered on this website is from a Oregon Scientific WM-918 weather station. The weather data is uploaded to the internet using AmbientSW's Virtual Weather Station (VWS). For more information and pictures of the weather station please visit the Weather Station Information page.





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